Premium Service

High Quality China Optimized Servers

All China optimized servers in Asian, data center including TC CN2, HongKong PCCW, KDDI/IIJ in Japan, and BGP in Taiwan, low latency and package loss, fast connection.

High end customized, dedicated without share network bandwidth. Enjoy the high speed and no lag when HD video.

Solutions include ShadowSocks,WebVPN and Cisco IPSec, secure, easy and fast.


China Optimized Network

HK/SGP/TW/JP DC available

Dedicated resources, high speed

Advanced solutions, No line drop problem

Advanced Solutions...

ShadowSocks: The moste stable method, Supports all systems, faster speed with amazing technology, and secure with data obuscation.

WebVPN: The most choice for Windows and Macos for website visit, easy, fast and split traffic.

Cisco IPSec:The most secure method in industy, buildin supported by all systems.

Network introduce

We chose 5 China Optimized data centers carefully. They have good performance for China networks. Aliyun has the best CT CN2 network, full of network capacity, good connections to China mainland. Sakura and KDDI in Japan have good performance to China too, no district restriction with residential JP ip. DCT in taiwan has the biggest network bandwidth, also offer China Telecom optimization.
All servers are ordered from the data center directly, service would be setup with 24 hours, 48 hours if tawian DCT. No refund available.


Aliyun HK data center located in China telecom building in Tin Shui Wai New Town. Full of network capacity, has direct connection to CN2 backbone network. Low ping latency and package loss, best transfer speed.

Test IP:

$44 USD/Month


Aliyun Singpore is the same as HongKong, the second best choice for China mainland connection, full of network capacity, using CN2 and Singtel to connect China networks. Their letancy is litter bigger then HongKong but Network is still very fast.

Test IP:
Network: 30Mbps

$24 USD/month

Taiwan DCT

DCT is a part of Foxconn group, located in Kaohsiung, offering the same domestic and abroad network connections.Good connection to China Telecom,China Unicom and China mobile while they have optimized connetions

Test IP:
Network:10Gbps outbound, 125Mbps inbound

$48 USD/Month

Japan Sakura

Sakura Internet is the biggest IDC provider in Japan, has 5 data centers in Japan, offering good connection to asian with IIJ and NTT network. We offer Tokyo and Ishikari.

Test IP:

$50 USD/Quarter

Japan KDDI

KDDI of Linode, is a good choice who has acceptable distance and network connection to mainland of China. Network is very solid, Speed fast. Good for both China telecom,China Unicom and China Mobile networks.

Test IP:

$25 USD/month

Krypt LAX

Krypt is a brand of VLPS, has been in industry since 1998. Krypt has great China optimized performance in their premium network. Excellent speed in China and low latency. Good for both China telecom,China Unicom and China Mobile networks.

Test IP:

$20 USD/month