Express Service

Express service

Best performance
Very good performance in China censorship network. Due to DPI technology used, some ISP (like Great Wall Broadband Network, Founder BN,OCN,BGCTV etc) not very friendly to standard VPN solutions, may have trouble to connect or too much line drop.

Express service supports standard solutions like PPTP,SSTP,L2TP over IPSec, and aslo supports advanced solutions like Cisco IPSec, IKEv1/v2, AnyConnect, and WebVPN, and even free ShadowSocks on request.

Can use all servers in all locations, including general US/EU servers, plus USA/Asian servers, express USA/Asian servers.

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Supports standard PPTP/SSTP/L2TP over IPSec

Supports AnyConnect、Cisco IPSec、IKEv1/v2

Supports WebVPN、Surge、Free ShadowSocks

Supports OpenVPNstopped in China

Can use all servers in all locations

Yearly paid supports 5 simutaneous connections, others support 3


Monthly $5.75 USD Order Today
Quarterly $15.75 USD Order Today
Half-year $30.15 USD Order Today
Yearly $53.75 USD Order Today
2-Year $100 USD Order Today

WebVPN is solution based on Chrome, which is stable and fast, and can be used in nearly all network, as long as you can open website. Split traffic is another key advantage which can make easy to use local network together with secured tunnel.