Aug 9th V2ray/Trojan updated

We've updated V2ray/Trojan recently.

You will find more choice and outbound with the new updates, and removed some dead nodes.

please update your subscribe for the updates.




Jul 29th Power maintenance for Taiwan nodes

From the power supply notice, there would be a power equipement maintenance for Taiwan nodes during July 29 13:30 ~ 16:30Some of our Taiwan nodes would not be accessiable during this period.接電力公司通知,在7月29日 13:30~ 16:30 ... Read More »

Jun 24th New Domain for China Access

Our previous domain for China has been blocked few days ago.You may have trouble to access our website within China mainland.We've updated an new domain for China access.Please use in ... Read More »

Jun 22nd Windows Client V4 app updated

We've release new Windows V4 client app. V4.3.2The new app offer connections for Mix/Project V packages.With the option "V2Ray/Trojan Only", you can login with UUID as username, and connect Trojan/V2ray with the new app.我們最近發佈了新版V4.3.2 Windows客戶端。新客戶端提供Mix/Project V套餐另類登陸。勾選『V2Ray/Trojan ... Read More »

Jun 19th Big bug fixed for Windows client

We've updated Windows Client V431 app. Fixed IKEv1/v2 connect problem.Fixed VPN connect problem.Fixed ping test problem.Please all windows client update to the latest.我們更新了最新的windows客戶端。修復IKEv1/v2鏈接問題修復VPN鏈接問題修復測速問題修復排序問題請windows使用客戶務必更新最新版本使用。 Read More »

Jun 11th New updates for Windows client

We've made big upgrade of the Windows V4 client.We fixed some bugs and made big upgrades.You can connect WebVPN with V4 client, and don't need to install extension for Chrome, also you can connect other app go with WebVPN as well.We added V2ray/Trojan support too, Mix services can easy to use them on Windows.Host share also online, you can shere ... Read More »

Jun 7th Trojan available for Mix service

We've updated Mix service, and it is now able to use Trojan magic tool to bypass the wall.

You can find the Trojan subscribe link on your detail page, try it.

我們更新了Mix service融合套餐,支援最新的Trojan協議。


Jun 5th Trojan available for project V packages

We've done the development of Trojan, which is an new advanced method and protect traffic data with real HTTPS format.  Trojan is the best to hide your traffic, and having good speed compared to v2ray .We've released most v2ray servers online for Trojan, more will be updated. 我們完成了Trojan ... Read More »

May 13th V2ray with SurfBoard updated

We've released SurBoard subscribe for V2ray online.You can enjoy better performance on V2ray with SurfBoard.There is addon SurfBoard subscribe link on your V2ray service page.SurfBoard is a magic app for Android, just download and enjoy ... Read More »

May 9th WebVPN with SurfBoard for Android supported

We found that SurfBoard app can offer better performance and faster speed than Clash in Android.We've updated our profile system and added Surfboard autosetup.You can find WebVPN for Surfboard section on your service detail page when available .There is new manual for WebVPN with Surfboard in clientarea too.Have a try and enjoy ... Read More »

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