Jul 18th A fifth blocking attempt in China

There was another blocking in China at around 23:00 2018-7-17.

Some servers which have larget traffic affected.

We've updated them, please try them later.

Jul 9th Shared V2Ray servers back online

The latest v2ray shared servers are working in China again.

There are  located in TW and USA.

All yearly standard/express service are valid for them.

You can scan the QRcode  with V2RayNG/BifrostV in Android or Shadowrocket/Kitsunebi in iOS

Jun 27th A fourth Blocking attempt in China

Another blocking attempt happened at 1:00 AM in China today.

It is the fourth blocking this month.

We've updated the backup IP for PPTP/L2TP servers.

BTW: AnyConnect/Cisco IPSec/WebVPN are recommended during this time.

Jun 25th China is blocking again

There is new VPN block just now in China.We are working to replace the dead servers.Sorry for the inconvenience.UPDATE: Emergency Servers have been online for the new blocking.New servers will be restore when the network is stable.Please retry if you failed to connect.WebVPN and AnyConnect and Cisco IPSec are recommended during this time. Read More »

Jun 20th Telegram频道


Jun 20th Service unstable since 17:50 today in China

There seems new block in China since just now .
All SS/SSR servers and part of PPTP/L2TP servers affected .

AnyConnect/Cisco IPSec/WebVPN and V2Ray are recommended now .

Please follow https://t.me/vtrspeed for Chinese news .

Jun 2nd Service unstable since 9:00 today in China

There is a new blocking in China since 9:00 on Jun 2nd.Many servers affected, some may not be accessible or unstable in China.We've updated the lastest servers at a very quick time.You are suggested to use WebVPN/AnyConnect or Cisco IPSec  as long as your package support.PS. A quicker channel for Chinese information please join ... Read More »

May 29th [Fixed] Alipay "Sorry, this service is only available for Chinese Mainland ID holders. (ALI40436)"

Some clients reported that they failed to pay the invoice through our Alipay payment gateway, error message like:"Sorry, this service is only available for Chinese Mainland ID holders. (ALI40436)" This error happens when the alipay account holder is not native Chinese, and can't pay the bill with their Alipay account.Contact us for solutions when ... Read More »

May 26th V2Ray shared version online to service

We've updated the servers list recently.The most important is that our V2Ray shared version online now.V2Ray is another great intelligent  method to bypass the firewall, and having good performance on your iOS and Android devices, working in nearly 99% network.Shared V2Ray is avaliable for Clients who have Express/Dedicated Service yearly paid ... Read More »

May 26th Official Telegram channel online

We've launched VTR official Telegram channel, where you can get our latest announcement immediately with multi language.

Just join us with the following link:


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