Sep 18th SSTP in HK/TW/USA back to China

We've updated the latest server for SSTP in HK/TW and USA.

You can use them in Windows and Andorid.

Please drop us a support ticket for the crack app in Android.

Sep 18th UK PPTP/L2TP back to China

We've updated the lasted UK server which can be reached in China.

The New UK node supports BBC iPlayer.

Enjoy it.

Sep 17th V2Ray Free servers back online

We've put V2Ray free servers online.

You can enjoy them with QR scan on your phone.

We will add more if needed.

Sep 12th V2Ray Android APP released

We've just release Offical app for V2Ray package.

Don't need to manual setup anymore, just download install and login.

Download Link:

Sep 11th Subscribe for V2Ray online

We've enabled subscribe for V2Ray packages. Which can offer a better way to set all servers in one time.

Have a try.

Sep 3rd Korea region restored

We've restored Seoul Korea region, currently we offer access via Cisco IPSec, IKEv1, IKEv2 and WebVPN.

Aug 24th V2Ray service online

We've prepared V2Ray service for a long time, and now the service is ready to running.

We have put V2Ray package online, you can place order from the cart.

We are still adding more servers in the next days.

And don't forget to use the newly coupon code V2RAYSTART.

Any problem please contact us.

Aug 14th Authorization issue

There is some network issue within our RAS datacenter .
We are working with the staff to fix it .

UPDATE: Fixed already

Jul 31st 最近内地封锁情况

连日来,内地进行了疯狂的ip封锁,目前情况为每日凌晨封锁监测到的pptp l2tp ... Read More »

Jul 29th Another blocking in China

A new blocking attempt happended at around 12:00 AM in China.

Many SS/PPTP/L2TP servers affected.

We have updated the cleared IP online.

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