Feb 15th Happy Chinese New Year

A new year of 2018 has come, and we are here to continue the service of VTR.Thanks for all support and understanding during these rough path. We will work hard and make service better in the new year of 2018.Please enjoy the Chinese new year promotion 1. Buy one and get one free. Valid time from 2018-2-16 to 2018-2-17, You will get a free bonus ... Read More »

Jan 16th Access problem in China

There is a sensitive person who is doing some sensitive broadcast in USA.
The Great Firewall is blocking suspicion IP at times to shut him down, making servers may not able to access or not stable when on PPTP/L2TP/IPSec even these servers can be pinged in networks. 
Please try webvpn or AnyConnect or Shadowsocks if you are having such issue.

Dec 28th Authentication failure issue

Dear all.

So sorry for the troubel during the holiday season.
One important AAA relay line was forgotten, and shutdown by the server provider, made all authentication failed.

The line was replaced, and servers back to work already.

Dec 25th Mac AnyConnect app update

macOS High Sierra (10.13)  has some big changes in firewall that the app older than 4.5.x wouldn't be able to work well.

We've uploaded the latest AnyConnect 4.5.03040 to the download website.

Our recommended version for High Sierra is 4.5.03040, please download and reinstall it.

Dec 23rd Merry Xmas

Dear AllWe would like to take this opportunity to send you glad tidings to this holiday season. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year together with your loved ones. We are looking forward to working with you in 2018 and we invite you to stay up to date with us as we are constantly adding new products.Thank you for ... Read More »

Dec 11th [IMPORTANT] VTRSpeed acquired by ShawShaw Networks

Dear All VTRSpeed will become a brand of ShawShaw Networks, it is the understanding that the legal entity VTRSpeed no longer be trading after this aquisition then. Payments already made for services will be honored completely. ShawShaw Networks is going to launch service in early 2018 in Taiwan and will work in dedicated servers,VPS,CDN,GLBS and ... Read More »

Nov 19th Europe Servers update

We've recently update following servers in europe.

United Kingdom

They all can be accessed in China with new servers update.

Oct 29th WebVPN updates

New WebVPN profile released today.
1. Removed some servers with bad performance.
2. Adjusted some asian servers.
3. Added some good profiles for White list restrictions.

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