Sep 15th New Location Malaysia online

We've put Maylaysia online for AnyConnect and WebVPN.

You can check the server address in server list.

我們新增馬來西亞地區線路上線,目前支援AnyConnect和 WebVPN。


Aug 26th WebVPN unstable issue

We have suffered unstable on WebVPN for some time.We've made some upgrade to our WebVPN structure, which could reduce this failure of WebVPN access, especially the TW line issue happened recently.Please have a try and contact us if you still have this ... 查看更多 »

Aug 23rd WireGuard update

Due to the port blocking, some WireGuard servers are not available in China.We've updated the structure, you will find Random Port section in server list.You can pick a random port within the port range, and update your EndPoint to it when you have trouble to ... 查看更多 »

Jul 30th 台灣主機維護 7/30 23:00 ~ 7/31 04:00

將於7/30 23:00 ~ 7/31 04:00進行平台升級,屆時所有台灣線路將無法使用,將影響所有協議。


Jul 20th Windows app V43 updated

We've recently updated V43 app to v4.3.81. Fixed proxy setting issue under windows72. Added VLESS protocol support3. Fixed some display issueYou are suggested to use the lastest app我們更新了V43客戶端1. 修復了win7下的代理設置bug2. 修復部分顯示故障3. ... 查看更多 »

Jul 1st Auth issue with some servers.

We are facing some trouble issue with Webvpn/Cisco ipsec 
And we are working on it. 
Please switch to L2TP if you have problem to access at this time.

UPDATE: issue have been fixed.

Jun 17th VMESS maybe affected in some China network

During June this month, we've detected some of our VMESS node incuding WS and WSS encryption, have been blocked partially.This mean VMESS protocol have been detected or discrypted in network in mainland of China.While the same node with Trojan and VLESS is working well.So Please upgrade your app and give up VMESS and switch to Trojan or VLESS ... 查看更多 »

May 21st WebVPN with Clash/Surfboard come back in Mix service

We've integrated WebVPN into Clash and Surfboard for Mix service already, you can enjoy unlimited traffic with the advanced WebVPN on your Android devices again.

我們更新Mix 套餐訂閱,新增Clash和Surfboard支援WebVPN,又可以在Android設備上享用不限流量的WebVPN服務了。


May 17th Power issue





May 17th Auth failed issue

There was an auth failure issue since 12:00 CST today.

We've located and fixed problem, all account would back to work as smooth right now.

Sorry for the trouble.